Wednesday, January 30, 2008


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Recent Works

Lost Planet 3:

I worked on LP3 back in 2010 with the great people at Spark Unlimited. Its been 3 years and the game has recently been released. Make sure to check it out :)


My early take on the VS design. Want it to feel more like a tractor rather than a robot. It can drop down to run on treads during tractor mode and lift up in robotic mode when it needs to do work like a construction robot. This design is meant to be the precursor to the VS in LP1, so it is not as refined, but a lot more tough and functional looking to handle the tough elements.
Still have to sort through old files... Will update as soon as I dig up more artworks :)

World of Warcraft Card Illustrations:

Men in Black 3 (film, with Rick Baker at Cinovation Studios):

Suckerpunch (film, with Michael Wilkinson, Costume Designer):

Bulletstorm (VG, with Chris Perna at Epic Games):

Gatchaman (Animation, with Patrick Awa and Todd Uyeminami at Imagi Studios):

Cancelled Project (VG):

ACCD Character Design 1 demo:

CDWA Adelaide demo:

ImagineFX Demo (loosely based on Lady Kushana from Nausicaa):

CDA - Intro to Character Design demo:

Fantasy Projects

Einveld Early Character/Creature Concepts:
Guild Wars Early Character Concepts:

Early rough character concepts for "Aion":

Anime Fighter Test:

Lineage rough concept: